Something that looks like a face... but isn't

Begins June 4

Look for faces in every day objects, whether it's in a tree, your toast, or a building.


Begins June 11

This week, photograph a subject with an interesting texture.

Look Up!

Begins June 18

This week, spend some time looking up! What do you see above you? 

Town Tourist

Begins June 25

This week, become a tourist in your hometown. Share a photo of local adventures around town.

Surprise Us!

Begins July 2

This week, you decide the subject matter! Surprise us with a photograph of your choice of subject matter.


Begins July 9

Get wet & wild this week! 

Lazy Daze

Begins July 16

We hope you found some time to relax this summer. How are you spending these last lazy days of summer?

Golden Hour

Begins July 23

The sun is setting on our photo contest. Share a photo from the golden hour of day (an hour before sunset or an hour after sunrise).

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